LJM (1977- / Orlando, Florida)

A Lovely Place

A lovely place, is a place of security,
it is full of peace, honor and well-being.
A place everyone wants to go,
but won't take head to any direction.

What color is this place?
Why, it is clear as far
as the human eyes can see.
Only a pure soul could endure
something so lovely.

Are our souls pure?
what a ridiculous question to ask,
only one being could answer that!

There's another lovely place,
a deserted sea shore.
A place that never ends,
you could walk around it for
days and days and end up
at where you began.

Somewhat dazed,
but then you'd realize
what it really means to be
chosen for that special place.

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Pablo Neruda

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nice discription of the lovely place.