A Lover And A Friend

Poem By Tom Maxwell

It's hard to find an honest person in this world of today, to have a It's hard to find, an honest person this world today, true friend that loves you is worth more than anything in this life that will pass your way.

Someone who cares no matter how you look or feel, always waiting with open arms, and when you are hunger, they will feed you a meal.

A person you can count on to help bail you out anytime, and willing to work with you when the relationship gets in a bind.

You can play the people you pass on the street, but always be honest with a true friend, life is short and another you may never meet.

No one is perfect in this life's game, when we never admit our mistakes all we do is ruin our own name.

Finding someone who loves you, and you love too, is a gift you should cherish, and be honest with them in anything you do.

It's never a matter of who is right or wrong, it's someone you always want to be with, and share life like an old love song.

Never being greedy about material things, we think we should have in our hands, the high should come from having a true loving friend, to share, and explore each day on this land.

Always showing appreciation for everything, and never pushing them away for the excitement you think a few minutes of pleasure will bring.

Never making up stories or hurting them to make you feel better inside, the worst thing you could do a lover and friend is betray them or lie.

Always come forward and apologize, if you turned on a friend that has always been good to you, remember your luck, or game will someday come to an end, and you will be all alone, and no one will be there to help, no matter what you do.

Tom Maxwell ©

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Great poem great message. I never knew poetry can spread so much love. I m inspired never to get tired of doing poetry spreading the love

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