The Nerd's Revenge

His mother gave him the family's garage
Where he toiled away in his electric age
He was the classroom nerd always teased
Home alone in the shed he was appeased

He made his experiments in secret there
On weekends and after school as he dared
With electric lights that were flashing
And hammering on metal was a bashing

Then he finished it one Saturday afternoon
And he thought that he would try it soon
It was such a simple device with a button
So checking each piece he put it on

He thought that had to wait for the right moment
So it was the following Wednesday morning he went
To school and in the lunch break he was cornered
By the playground bullies who wouldn't be ignored

They pushed and shoved and called him names
Until the time was right for his instant fame
He pushed the button and started to laugh
As each bully lost control and number 2s were passed.

© Paul Warren Poetry

by Paul Warren

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Such a great poem, It was worth to read, My thumbs up for the great poet. - Thomas Schumacher
that's my latest poem
Nice its pleasure to read
pleasure to read
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