A Lover’s Jeopardy

Distant Past-

I see your shadow in the moonlight
When everything is bathed in white with streaks of unknown
An announcement made by the sea
That you are near and it is not a dream
A conspiring breeze bringing me to you
I am returning to where I belong
Is it an illusion?
Or a conclusion
A reverie put on a song
Her fragrance mixed with her laughter
Calling me to the smoke filled room
I am tracing the tear trail


I don’t believe you
It feels like lonely on a sail
With just the last cloud’s shadow over my head
I am trying to cross into that horizon
Where we will meet
A promise you made in the moment
Impossible to keep
Like a loop playing the same side
We are saying the same words
Written on the paper like movie stars
Ignoring the reality.


Now there is a feeling I have that I don’t feel
Like the blood in the veins that doesn’t bleed
We are pretenders of the third kind
Laughing, talking and making the world blind
Waiting for a comeback of sorts
A streak from the past
A reflection of what we used to be
Finding that rhyme
Searching that tune
Cant find enough looked deep
So today a white flag stands on my roof
This lover’s jeopardy needs to end

Time ruins everything…….


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