My Heart's A Sad Love Song

My heart's a sad love song
It's broken and needs repair
Since you left it's been too long
I understand why you don't care

It sings the pain inside
For everyone to hear on the outside
But it's a song nobody can hear
And you don't care is what I fear

My heart's like a broken mirror
More bad luck in store for me
My life is a movie about an unforturnate horror
But it's a movie nobody wants to see

I thought you fixed it for me
But I was wrong about everything
I wish the pain would just let me be
Let my heart scream and sing

The beating inside is nothing to you
If it stopped you wouldn't do anything
This is something I should've knew
That I meant nothing

by Abby Belmont

Comments (2)

Truey, a lover can do anything for his/her love..
You surely know how to wrote, I like each and every poem of yours