I Am Fine

She smiles seeing in the mirror like a blooming flower
She smiles murmuring songs while taking shower
She smiles dancing along with tapping beat
She smiles seeing sunflower blossoming in the sun's heat
She smiles playing and jumping in the water streams
She smiles seeing her prince charming in her dreams.

A guy enters into her life begs for her love
Her pure heart gives her dream boy a shove
He becomes new definition of her charming prince
He calls her daily and drives away all her wince
She fells deep into his love and care
But now his messages and calls becomes rare
She thinks about him all day and night
But he is somewhere busy away from her sight

She cries seeing his picture in a heart frame made by her
She cries along with the sound of flowing tap water
She cries listening to heartbroken song
She cries in the dark staring deadhead sunflower for long
She cries along with the falling rain
She cries with her tears absorbed in cushion going vain
She cries thinking about him lying on the floor
She cries realizing she can't see him anymore
She cries as if a poisoned injection is going inside her nerve
But now she cries inside with her lips making an upside curve

by Kritika Yadav

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