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A Lover's Prerequisite
CER (27th March 1990 / Singapore)

A Lover's Prerequisite

Poem By Christian Eliab Ratnam

I looked into her eyes,
She looked into mine.
While the beats of her heart,
Was converted into love by mine.

I held her hand,
She held mine.
While her every squeeze,
Was transfigured into love by mine.

I locked my lips against hers,
And she locked hers against mine.
While her every kiss,
Was absorbed into love by mine.

The science of love,
Only a lover can comprehend.
What qualifications then must a lover possess,
But a tender heart and strong zest.

Certificates and medals,
Are not criteria to a lover.
But heart and blood,
Is the cause of it all!

Copyright © Christian Eliab Ratnam 2012

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