A Lover's Revenge

A glance back at the past,
Even then it was fake,
We were not meant to last,
You're one giant mistake,
And now,
You think,
I'd sink,
At the flash of your hand,
The tip of your hat?
You think you command?
Well I say, How's that?
Now that you've reappeared,
You expect me to be kind,
As if my hate has disappeared,
From the depths of my mind,
Well you're wrong,
It's still here,
All along,
While you're near,
I can't help but feel,
The unsatisfied urge,
To hastily repeal,
Apologies, I'm on the verge-
Of releasing my rage,
Upon your existance,
Locking you in a cage,
And with a dagger's assistance,
Force into your heart,
The pain that you dealt me,
Tearing you apart,
So that I can feel free,
Such is the action I would take,
If you were here, don't you see?
I will never in life forsake,
To deal you the pain that you dealt me...

by Derrick Andrews

Comments (4)

this is what every girl with a broken heart goes through. one of the best poems i have read.
You've done a wonderful job in releasing my current emotional state of being. thanks.
Just how i have been feeling since my boyfriend stopped talking to me, just because i said 'bye bye' at the end of a message. I have told him time and again i didnt mean anything by saying bye bye, in emails and cell phone messages, but still he wont reply. If i had mean't bye bye, i wouldn't have been trying to get hold of him every day for the last 2 weeks. I promised him I wont give up no matter what, and that i am here for him, through thick and thin.
wow i really love this poem, i think u have explained exactly how everyone feels when they have been betrayed by someone they love