DM (21/04/88 / Dublin)

A Lover's Wish

The warmth of a kiss on a cool summer’s day
A hand holding tight asking to stay.

Eyes gazing gently sparkle with love
A feeling so free like a wandering dove.

A heart-shaped drawing etched on a tree
Each special moment filled with glee.

Skin pressed softly as if to mould
Loving whispers not left untold.

Two sets of footprints made in the sand
Soft, safe caresses hand in hand.

Hair being stroked as lips come together
A sensation so light the same as a feather.

Surroundings fade as eyes begin to lock
Unaware of others, life and its clock.

Butterfly dances explode in each belly
Legs buckle from under as if like jelly.

A feeling so alien, oh, I want it to last.
This wind in my sails on my long, lonely mast.

Let’s just enjoy this moment lying side by side
In and out of bliss, in and out we glide.

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