Two2 Different Dimensions

One day the chains can pull you down one path
Next day your hauling down thee' others wrath
Is there an equilibrium to bliss once lost
Perhaps regurgance cleanses what had be tossed

If only I can show what’s not hard to see
The mind has effected both you and me
Like waves that smack the pumping hole
Tensions eased when burnt goes the bowl

Told like a story of what goes through my mind
Scattered pictures of what’s been in time
Buried beneath the courtyard for friends
The passing of time and making amends

You live and you learn
What stays and what burns
By making inferences on differences, You know that I know
Would be a change beneficial, not simply for show

See faith resides inside ones soul
Never give-in and abandon your goals
Don’t worry, for church bells have yet to chime
Always an option, simply sublime

by Michael Figueroa

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wow he is definitely great with words, of course she forgives him as before :)
We hurt the one we love.We sometimes kill the one we love.You can go off people quite suddenly.These subjects all occur and reoccur in Brownings poetry.Browning is specially good at drawing attention to how extreme attraction and admiration teeters on revulsion or downright hostility sometimes.I can identify with this because I have gone through it myself in my own personal life.
Browning is like a Shakespeare that can thread his words around your heart but Browning can offer the chance to have every word understood. It just ties me in knots to read his poetry and how well it flows from exciting to calming.