A Lovers Tiff?

Stay with me ’til morning
Just like yesterday
We can have one more night
Then you can walk away

I’ve always thought that our love
would go on for ever & ever
I’ve always thought that our love
Was strong enough, no matter the weather
Yes I’m glad that you have told me
You’ve falling in love with another
We lived each day as if it were our last
We did everything together

Now you’re gonna leave me, in the dark of the night
Stay until sunrise, then you can leave when it’s light
I’ve got to carry on with life in the morning
I never saw this coming you gave no warning
Can we not make love just one more time like before
In the morning I’ll watch as you walk out the door

I can take you to that place, only you and I know
You say our love is dead, but can’t we make it grow?
Oh just go now, I can’t take all this heart-ache
I’ll just lie here on our bed all night, wide awake
I don’t want you near me, I just can’t understand
After all we’ve been through you want to shake my hand?

by Gordon David

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o my u are good at this but have u ever been in love