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A Loves Devotion
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A Loves Devotion

Poem By Lynzi Berner

She gets up
every morning
drinks her coffee
as she picks out her clothes

Fixes her hair
make-up just right
and makes the drive
across town
up the elevator
room 519

Everyone smiles
shakes their heads
as she walks past
but on she walks
head high

She opens the door
T.V. voices
echoing off the walls
she tells them to always
turn it on
for the games shows
he likes

Putting down
her bag
she leans over
his bed
and whispers
Good Morning
My love

No warm grettings
answered her back
only slow breathing as she
places a light kiss
on his forehead
and squeezes
his limp hand

Still callioused
after all this time
Light tobacco stains
still linger on his

She brushes
his hair
and changes
his clothes
as he sleeps

She tells him
of the children
and how her roses
are blooming early

She moves
his legs
back and forth
up and down
as she sings
him a song from
their wedding

She clips
his nails
and puts
on his hands
as she sits
and cries

She collects
her things
and leans over
and says

Hurry home
to me love
So we can talk
all about
the places
you have been
and the sights you
have seen
I love you
my darling
I'll see you tomorrow

She holds her head up
and smiles
to the staff
they admire her
but think her

For years he has been
and everyday
she comes to him
to take care of him
in a way that they can't
she cares for his soul
not only his body

This is her
This is her

No matter
what they say
She believes
he will come back to her

It's only a matter
of time
And without him
is all she has

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