DM (August 9,1960 / Pensacola Florida)

A Loves Farewell

How can you say it was never meant to be,
the love that was shared by you and me?
How can you so easily just walk away,
like a game that ended you chose to play?
If you love me like I love you,
I don't know how you can say we're through.
My love for you still stands so strong.
How can something so right turn out to be so wrong?
I don't think I can ever stop loving you,
and it's hard to believe you don't love me to..
but somehow I'll let you go if that's what it takes
and I'll bid to you farewell as my heart breaks.
The memories will live on of all our time together,
and in my heart my love for you will live on forever.
One can only hope for the best in love,
it's future you can never tell.
It's a sad time to say the least when you're faced with
a loves farewell.

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used to ask those questions too... i do even ask myself if he really loved me too? ? .. (sigh) ....nice peice david =)