PLL ( / South Africa)

A Lovesong On The Phone

With the stereo loud
he tried to sing to me
a lovesong

I listened to the same frequency
a smile appeared...
before the tear

I know i'm being silly
but never has anyone loved me so
to sing me a song
out of tune..
or even to writr me a poem

Never has anyone spoken to me
in such a way
showing me the way of true love

Turning the stereo down
Ii softly joined in the song
tasting the tears on the lips he kissed

Knowing I could never again
love someone so much...
my sweet voice carried the song

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Comments (3)

good expression of love emotion
Stirring. Well written. Effie xx
I love that he sang it out of tune and that it was music to your ears, bravo, Marie x