A Loving God

Behold the Cosmos God has made,
First light, then form, then Man,
Behold the power He displayed,
Behold His perfect plan...
And then reflect upon free will,
The choices good or bad,
Yet, even then, God loved us still,
His perfect grace to add...

Behold the promise He expressed
To Adam and to Eve,
Behold how God would do His best,
Behold truth and receive...
For, otherwise, what rest is gained,
What peace, what joy, what love,
If Man, through doubt, would be restrained,
Though God provides enough?

Behold the angels God has sent,
Their ministry on Earth,
Behold each changing world event,
Behold each newborn's birth...
For there are joys and sorrows, too,
Yet God has sent His Son,
To prove His love for me and you
Through what Jesus has done...

And if the risen Lord of Lords
Has called you by your name,
Then granted you what grace affords,
You'll never be the same...
By faith through grace and grace through Christ,
Eternal life is ours,
That's why believers are baptised
And granted godly powers...

Therefore, God asks, what more remains,
What more could God now give,
Through love to cast off all our chains,
Through love with Him to live?
It's up to us, will we respond,
Give up our foolish ways?
If yes, there's so much more beyond
A life of perfect praise!

Denis Martindale February 2017.


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