A Loving Heart

At times I sit alone and think of how my life’s been spent
Of all the many things I’ve done and what it all has meant
How fortunate that I have been to have the life I’ve had
To be a son, a brother, and I hope, a loving Dad

I've been blest in many ways along the road of life
And I am truly thankful to have shared it with my wife
She’s been my loving partner and my very treasured friend
And when my journey’s over I hope she’s with me at the end

Though it hasn’t all been easy we have always stood the test
And when I’m down it seems that she is always at her best
A better one to share life with I know I couldn’t find
And I am overjoyed to have my heart with her entwined

I hope that through the coming years as we grow old and gray
That she and I will be together each and every day
The shining golden nugget band I gave her at the start
Seems a very tiny payment for a gentle loving heart

by Stephen E. Washam

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