A Loving Partner

We found each other under the evening sky
the moon sat directly over our heads and sent
tidal waves that made our hearts bulge with love.

Now, if ever a woman is happy in her man, it is I
who delight in calming your needs!
Will be the spring and summer flowers in your garden
And ask you to keep me under your care, as our love
Grow and bloom by the warmth of the summer warm sun.

Your words in "your killing love" were like flower buds
in spring and the temperature rose like heat from the sun
You're my King cobra and I give you my love instead of cream.
Now, stand up so I can plant a sweet kiss on you lip.
You need not worry. My life cannot be taken, Both life and death
are yours.My love is like a ripe fruit, low-hanging, and ready to pick.

Although over ripe, I'm ready to humbly fall at your feet.So dear,
bear with me in my weakness so, to stand up to my age.

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A wonderfully written poem, of new found love, when coming later in life always leaves a question lingering in the mind - wondering if it's real or is it a dream in reality. Totally love this poem, give it a 10 and adding it to my favorite poems. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
This impeccable poem of love, so eloquently written, convinces the reader that love is an eternal feeling coming from God.Blessings.Mari.
and i have no choice but to follow my respected colleague....with a resounding yes....! ! ! ranab k Chakraborty(5/29/2010 7: 36: 00 AM) 1st blow..........We found each other in the / orange evening horizon 2nd blow..........Yet our love is in bloom and its / Beauty kept by summer's warmth 3rd blow...........Your love strikes me like a serpent's; / And send love-venom throughout 4th blow............Now, take my life... death is mine. 5th blow............Dear, bear with me in weakness / That I can stand up to my age. Heaven is where, don't know, but where heart is so................heaven can't be too far. LIVE AND LIVE BEYOND.............. Regards, pranab k chakraborty 10+++
You chose this hanging fruit blemishs and all my time. Here! take this ripen berry that's barely attached to the vine. amazing poem, great imagery, a master craftsman weaving wicker baskets from strings of words. to hold Venus's drippings loved reading it...its a tenner no doubt. sat :)
Oh my God..what a poem! very beautiful. you aroused the readers desire for a loving partner in magic way
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