(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Lower Standard To Value

This is the argument...

What had not been easily accessible,
But now made available to get...
As interpreted by those,
Misrepresenting an intention meant...
Will not prevent what all are against.
Since the use of common sense,
Is neither validated nor certified to prioritize...
As a prerequisite for given entitlements.

That is the argument...

As a quality of life slides,
To a lower standard to value.
With sanity excused,
To eventually become meaningless...
For anyone remembering when it existed,
With an attention to get an amendment for it.
As if this would make a difference.
And who would notice if not conscious?

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Dear sir this has became a modern tradition to put things upside down and then follow, the thing which was ban earlier now acceptable by society. our bout is going, which direction? that is the question.nice to enjoy, thanx