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A Lucky Boy

Young Thomas is eleven and to his mum he often say
I'll climb to the top of Mt Everest you'll be proud of me one day,
You will say that's my son Thomas there is none so great as he
He has made world news headlines and is often seen on the t v.

His mother strokes his golden hair saying son I'm proud of who you are
You do not have to climb Everest or drive the fastest car
The thing you say you can achieve not as easy as 'twould seem
But it is good so good for you that you should have such a dream.

At eight years of age young Thomas had an accident on his way home from school
Knocked down by a speeding car as he crossed the street on some luck can be cruel
The doctors have told his parents he won't walk from his wheelchair
His spinal cord is severed and damaged beyond repair.

But Thomas is an optimist one who embraces life
He believes he will father children and have a beautiful wife
And he believes that he will walk and run and his goals in life pursue
And that to climb to the top of Everest won't be hard for him to do.

He never will climb Everest though he believes he will
And for the eternal optimist no such thing as too high a hill
From his wheelchair on the verandah he looks out on the park nearby
And despite his tragedies in life he still feels he's a lucky boy.

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