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Painful Truth Of Love

Oh love'd...

I do everything for you,
I gave my all for you,
I would sacrificed for you,
I would changed myself for you...

Be good and nice to you,
Be thoughtful and kind to you...
I'll obey and listened to what you say...
And i've trusted you with
all my heart...
But in return all i've got is,
only a hatred from you...

Oh... love'd...

Have you ever loved someone
that you can't even sleep at night...?
Have you ever loved someone
who's inlove with others...?
Have you ever loved someone
who's loving somebody else...?
Have you ever loved someone that it hurt...?
Have you ever love someone like that....have you...?

Oh...it hurt
Oh...it hurt so much,
don't you realized that
don't you realized that
you're breaking my heart,
you're tearing me apart...
And my soul is bleeding,
bleeding like stabbed
by a thousand knives...

Everytime when i think of you
and all the hurting things
that you've done to me,
all i can do is cry,
cry as much as i can do,
cry a million tears for you...
Asking oneself,
why... why... why... do we have to end in this way...?


Love you with all my heart,
but in the end all i've got is,
betrayed by your love,
betrayed by the love,
and leaving me breathless....

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Lori though not a mother but your interpratation was beautiful. Take care Roger
When compassion and motherhood combines the sturdiest humanity forms and whispers a lullaby.The best song in the world.
Ah, the spirit and energy of our kids - I wish too for that one dropp some days! You've captured the sweetness and exhaustion of motherhood so very well. Trust me, you will miss it.
That look on your face as they sleep, so contented.The energy that can run full circle has come back to the reader.Beautiful and such pure words.Love Duncan
Lori, Well done work here. Every mother and father knows this lullaby, it's personal, it's intimate. Perhaps it's the last piece of Eden we ever hold. A Pleasure To Read You, Carolynn
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