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A Lush Green Garden
(18 June 1945 / Bradfield, England)

A Lush Green Garden

Poem By David Harris

Before the first ray of sunlight
on a frosty winter morn.
The frost has hazed the windows
to a feature of lands
long before our life began.
To the time when dragons ruled the world
with their hot breath and thunderous roars.
However, the gods were not happy
with their chosen rulers
and banished them away.
The crown they then handed to man
in hope for a better job done.
Since then man has ruined
everything his eyes gazed on.
Therefore, like the dragons of long ago,
the gods may decide in time
to banish man as well.
Returning this planet
to the lush green garden
that it used to be.

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Comments (4)

Another interesting parable about the inevitable consequences of continued and continuous consumption. Have you read Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish by Michael Foreman? It's a splendid children's picture book which has a similar theme and a happily ever after ending. In the end, no matter what, green will prevail. Excellent poem. love, Allie xxxx
I really like this David. It reads like a mini story to me..I love your story poems. marci.m.
There is a very popular book out now called The World without Us. This poem reminded me of it. No question that we'll pay if we don't acknowledge that the earth has a finite limit of resources and that we have to live within those limits. Good poem.
A dire warning for mankind here. And you may be right. Will we go the way of the dinosaurs? A poem to contemplate...... Love, Fran xxx