SH (01 may 1962 / U.S.A.)


A.M. radio sounds good after midnight
all-night stations come alive late;
can't see far, from inside a car
but the magic of music is a vision to appreciate.

What could ever be better
then to have troubles taken away,
by songs on the road, that will carry the load
and wash off the dirt of the day.

When I was young I heard it said
early to rise, early to bed and you'll be blest,
but those old truckers knew, what I found so true
only music, honest and raw, can give a soul real rest.

Put all worries to bed
turn up the A.M. when day has gone,
listen there to find, a new state of mind
when the speakers crackle an old soulful song.

It sounds just like heaven, and
if it's then or now I just can't seem to tell,
I hold this station from the past, as long as it will last
until the miles 'tween us cause it all to go to hell.

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