SG (january third 1990 / lebadon, ohio)

A Magical Moment In Time

the rain was heavy the sky was dark
yet as i stared into your eyes i
was enchanted, as the skys thundered
your eyes lit up with a blue so
hipnatizing i could'nt help but be
romantizized it was as if i was
lost in a sea of blue so bright i was
almost blinded by you.i was cinderella
at the ball my gown was wet my hair was
a mess yet the next thing you said was the
thing i lest expected.'your beautiful & i love you'
then the kiss i was waiting for it was as if
i was in heaven and had just gone to paridise
that night i relived that moment over and over
again i would wake and wonder if it was as
real as it could seem.then i remembered you had said
three words that could posibly change our lives
three tiny words i love you it was as if the world
had stopped spinning for those few seconds
at lest in my mind it was a magical moment in time
that i will never forget i was in love and will never fall out

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This has fantastic imagery.