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A Mainstream Thinker

Going by what you say you are trying to tell me your opinions can't be wrong
Though with your ideas on what is right many may go along
Your's does seem mainstream thinking and mainstream thinking is not always right
In a World ruled by mainstream thinkers for many life's an uphill fight
The widening gap between the haves and have nots to you seems quite okay
And that many would agree with you on that does seem quite sad to say
But that's how it is with mainstream thinkers in the World of today
They swear by their own opinions since things are going their way
They work in Multinational and State run bureaucracies and know nothing of poverty
And with other mainstream thinkers they socialize when out to tea
In the World of mainstream thinking the poor will never have a part to play
They are the forgotten people and that does seem sad to say
If you think your thinking is right then you cannot be wrong
And with your opinions many will surely go along.

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