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A Man?

Timmy stepped up with hurt in his eyes
For he had to say goodbye
To the girl he had loved all his life
The spark was no longer in her crystal blue eyes
Her bright glow, seemed to fade
The Comforting smile no longer existed
Her joyful laugh would never be heard again
He made promises to love her whole
To hold her and never let go
Make her smile everyday
Share that special bond with their future kids
To sit in their back yard and play
He would no longer look forward to that
For he’d face the journey alone
Now she had been placed in the ground cold
Only a stone to fill the hole
In his heart he couldn’t move on
For he knew he had done wrong, the evil looks
From family and friends, stabbed him deep within
He would NEVER forgive himself
For raising his hand
Now he could no longer call himself a man…

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Langston Hughes


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