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A Man, A Boy
JMB (February 13,1990 / Sydney)

A Man, A Boy


Whenever you reminise on the past
Some how it ruins the future
I've tried to forget the past
But i'm afraid of the future
Help me find a way to lose him
So i have my whole heart to love you
I saw him today and remembered
Than I saw you & forgot
For months I loved him
And for months that's all I've wanted for you
Emptiness, pain & sorrow a boy made me feel
Love, happiness & beauty a man makes me feel
Hold me close & let me cry upon your shoulder
For that is the man that you are
You hold your head up high
As I walk by your side.
Help me forget the only who shattered my heart
It is you who i adore
I thought I loved that boy
But I love my man more

Jessie Mahoney Bathis 17-08-05

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A fine reflective verse full of realization and longing.