A Man Alone

I once knew of this man who left the world behind
To seek the simple life and see what he could find
A man alone, content, with his canine friend of one
Who saw life as a challenge, a painting not quite done.

This man came to a crossroad, a choice he had to make
He chose the road less travelled as the one that he should take
He picked his little Eden, his land set far apart
And this is where he came to, to make a brand new start.

Now his days are filled with wonder as his new life he begins
He's starting out from scratch, he knows he's going to win
He faces what life hands him, no challenge is to great
He lives life to it's fullest he bets the highest stake.

This man will travel forward with his friend along his side
He tastes what life does offer him, he takes it all in stride
This man will have a future, though he may be as one
He'll rise above all hardships, for he has surly won.

by Grace Burke

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