A Man-Eating Tiger Or A Tiger-Eating Man?

- I have seen! I have seen!
- Oh! I believe it’s something.
- Again you’re laughing at me!
Look here…
____________- Stop and drink your tea.
- Listen to me! A minute ago I saw…
- A flying ostrich. Drink and say no more.
- I didn’t see an ostrich, Dad…
- And you haven’t drunk your tea yet.
- Later! I drank two or three cups at school,
And on my way home after the swimming-pool…
- You saw…
__________- A man-eating tiger!
___________________________ - I think,
Johnny, some people eat everything,
Perhaps he’s eaten that poor animal.
______________________________- Dad!
The man didn’t! It was the tiger that ate…
- The poor man?
_____________- No, only some meat.
But it was a real tiger in the street!
- You said ‘man-eating’. How had you learnt?
- I learnt when I looked at the words burnt
On the big notice at
The cage.
_________- You’d better learn Maths.

by Konstantin Ananin

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Fun and humorous write..and good! High marks.