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A Man For All Seasons
RMP ( / Culver City, California)

A Man For All Seasons

Poem By Ricarda McDonald Payne

It is not always easy being the most that you can be
Working on the parts of you that people never see
Yet, surely are reflected in the way you move through life
The way you handle daily pressures, challenges, and strife. It is not always easy to take a task in hand
To accept the responsibility it often will demand
Yet, you move ahead with vision, you arm the present with lessons past
To create work complete with a foundation strong to last. And, it is not always easy to support another in need
To generously extend yourself in thought and word and deed
Yet, you give of your time and resources, you stay the course till the end
To aid, uplift, and motivate family member, fellow worker, or friend. Such qualities are rarely found in the man of today
Who often seems so very consumed with forging his own way
Yet, you stand apart, both sensitive and strong, you tower above the rest
A man who can live and laugh and love - A man who always gives his best.

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