A Man From The West Missing His Loves From The East

I feel amazed and like I'm living in a deep dream sometimes,
When I think of you each night and day,
And when I see you, I see Magpies flying high,

I write words from our dreams, every day,
These words are never enough,
To show how much I love you!

I cry when you're in pain,
There is nothing I can do but pray,

You're beautiful!
I can't resist your courage and strength, it's true!
The cherry blooms and palaces fade into shadows sometimes...

But my memories of living with you in the past will always remain,
Locked away in my heart, like the treasures of Joseon,
I am crazy for you!

Your Soul is fast; your heart is a mother's love,
I truly wish my heart was being held in your hands,
I could sing and dance 'til life was done,
But you are the focus of my plans,

Too much missing you is impressive, my love,
And for you, 'Dae Han, Min Guk', I thank Heaven above.

All my love,

by Ronald Chapman

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