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A Man From Welshpool

I met a man from Welshpool an old Village by the sea
And he had drunk something more intoxicating than lemonade, coffee or tea
He came up to me on the street and he slapped me on the back
And shook my hand saying how do you do, hello my name is Mac.

He did seem quite a friendly drunk he just wished to make a friend
And I just went along with that at times we must pretend
Perhaps one in his late twenties celebrating the New Year
We parted with a handshake and he laughed as he wished me cheer.

From Welshpool in South Gippsland I've been to there before
Two hundred kilometres from Melbourne or maybe even more
Just like the one I'd met the people there are friendly a welcoming sort of place
In the Village by the ocean many a smiling face.

He had drunk something stronger far than coffee though he was in quite a good mood
A happy go lucky young person in any way he was not rude
He is from Welshpool in South Gippsland where he hails from his type not rare
A place that I've been to a few times and I was made to feel welcome there.

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