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A Man I Knew
(August 10 / Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida)

A Man I Knew

There was a man I knew
and just knowing him
made me think of poetry.

Loving him, I learned
that accepting love
is as important as giving it

and the not-so-subtle difference
between loving lukewarm
and loving red-hot.

Love like that
can make you stupid -
a total-immersion kind of stupid,
but it made me want
to read poetry.

In a different time
and a different place
it might have worked

but it was over
and when the last page was turned
he was only a man I knew

no regrets
just one perfect memory
and because I loved him
I write poetry.

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Comments (13)

Boy this was a bittersweet one.
You have to thank this man, it would be a pity keep inside, you are a very good writer
being inspired by someone is nice. a large help when writing
Yes, there is always one who exerts a lasting influence on our lives. Read mine – Love’s Dirge - Adeline
A very touching poem of love. Love that was once bright had dimmed. poetry gives you the freedom of expression. It does not place boundaries on you. Nice write, .
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