A Man In His Seventies

It's obvious that he has known a better day
The hopes that he had are now fading away
Of going home to Scotland his Homeland for to die
To the vale by the hill where he lived as a boy.

A man without kin here without wife or child
For years in the big city buildings he toiled
His home and life savings a con man from him stole
And his present circumstance beyond his control.

He can't go back to Scotland as he don't have the fare
And anyway now he'd be a stranger there
Yet in fancy he stand by the babbling stream
And the song of the dipper he hear in his dream.

The wanderlust in him when he was nineteen
He left the old highlands and he has not seen
His old home by the hill for thirty years or more
And he won't be returning to Scotland's green shore.

A man in his seventies gaunt looking and gray
His old home in the highlands from here far away
Ripped off by a con man and in his old age he's poor
And he should now be happy and financially secure.

by Francis Duggan

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