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A Man Looks Into A Mirror And Asks
(10 June 1978 / Cheshire, England)

A Man Looks Into A Mirror And Asks

Poem By Matthew Holloway

A man looks into a mirror and asks
All the wealth of man
Could not satisfy my hungriest desires
That which I dream and seek of
The love of a good heart
And loyalty of a gentle soul
That friends and lovers
Are named and known
Therein lays life's breath
And there a beautiful truth
Poets and artists
Have seen and celebrated
The raw untarnished emotion
Of looking into a world
Only to embrace its essence
To sing out of its beauty
Some in quiet wonder
Watch patiently
The kiss of the grape vine
Pours into many a glass
To quell the simmering madness
That's others do not understand
And water washes away
The impurity of morning
To bring fresh life once more
To the eyes reopened
How wonderfully human
It is seeing something beautiful
In the darkest throws of life
The loss and sorrow
How so many have wept
And yet become inspired
To live
Give me not wealth
Nor glory
No power to command
Just my words
My love and loyalty
And take care

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