A Man Named Jesus Christ

There was a man named Jesus Christ
Who cast out devil and poltergeist
In the meridian of time
When in his prime
For our sins God had him sacrificed

by Spock the Vegan

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Jesus was certainly not a myth. Whether you think he was that Saviour or not, it's hard to deny that he was the most influential for good of anyone who ever lived. Thank you all for your comments.
Thanks Spock. I have tried writing about Jesus, but feel I have just skimmed the surface and only captured a glimpse of His character. (See Because of Jesus) Roy
beautiful poem and pic - thanks for sharimg
This limerick is not humorous but serene, sober and sublime. Great poem based on faith and mythology. Loved it. Thanks.
Those who take comfort in such myths.. go for it.. well crafted. keep up the good work
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