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A Man Of Doggerel

I have penned one might say a lot of rhyme though i do not write that well
I am just one of the ordinary a man of doggerel
Yet penning rhymes on different things brings lots of joy to me
And to rhyme to me is easy as easy as can be
The years on me begin to show my better years long gone
But i am happy when i am rhyming and i will keep rhyming on
I hoped i might become a poet but that is going back in time
Perhaps three decades or more ago when i was in my prime
That was in my daydreaming days but daydreams seldom come true
And from life i am one who receive what only is my due
That poets are few and far between is surely not a lie
And i will be a rhymer until the day i die
Though i will never be a poet i have come to realize
Perhaps i will keep rhyming on until my last sunrise.

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