DC (10.11.1969 / Chennai)

A Man Of Substance

We are one family,
Yet we have different journeys,
We are destined to meet simply,
And to part with no worries.

We are meant to be united, as a world,
But we have diverse roles,
True friendships are to be preserved like Gold,
With love for all life as a common goal.

The roads of our destiny is in our palm,
And new roads are formed by your free will,
A new way when you mean no harm,
Yes, the heavens look at your noble intentions when you climb up the life hill.

Live life as if it is the last day,
Face any circumstance with calm acceptance,
Oppose evil and have your say,
And be that humble man of substance.

by Deepak Calyampoondi

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The qualities of an humble man of substance is expressed in threadbare.10