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A Man Of The Boggeraghs

Since from there i realize i have been too long away
In Duhallow i would be a stranger today
Many of the people i knew there are deceased or have migrated and time ticking on
And i only have memories of the long gone

For the Boggeragh Ranges i have shed all of my nostalgic tears
And all i have left are the memories of the long gone years
In Duhallow not many now would know of me
With most migrants this is how it does seem to be

As a young man i was known to many in the Parish and Town of Millstreet
But nowadays migrants from Duhallow i seldom do meet
I last saw Duhallow near twenty eight years ago
And since time that rusts iron has become my foe

To grow old far south of Duhallow perhaps in my life's destiny
But a man of the Boggeraghs is all i can be
Yet the memories of what was in me does remain
And in fancy i often walk in the old fields again.

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