Community Spirit

I can remember a time
when the neighbourhood bond was strong.
When you could chat to one another
over the fence about everything going on.
Resolving the problems that others had,
and helping them to get through.
Those days are in the past.
Oh, where have they gone?
The community spirit of long, long ago.

27 October 2007

by David Harris

Comments (6)

Uriah must know something about artists needing understanding friends. I just recently lost another who told me I had too much negative energy. Suppose as Irving Layton once stated, 'enemies the true poet will always have as long as he tell it as it is! ' That's probably not verbatim but an approximate quote. While I am on the subject of Layton about whom I wrote a poem last night, I must extend a thank you to Charles for his praises. Knew not always why I maintained my endeavouring in the craft but any kinds words are always appreciated.
Bernstein, you're a really good writer! ! ! and don't all artists need understanding friends?
It's all about suffering for the Art ain't it Charles? Brooklyn sounds my kind of town. I would probably get shot on my first day! lol I learned a new word abstruce) and you are so right. And I agree, wholeheartedly with the worry assertion. There is nothing good that comes from it. Nothing is ever as bad as it may seem. I hope you got a publisher, I can't believe you havent infact. The world is your oyster as well as brooklyn ya know? Smiling at you Tai
This is great. I think we all need somebody like that to remind us of what really matters in life. Very nice. Sincerely, mary
I love your Zellermayer. Wish I had a friend like that! Was transported to 1960's '70's (if they'd have had credit cards) New York, wherever and whenever you meant it to be. It embodies what a brother should be, in our dreams! Linda
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