Under The Dome

At times they will fly under. The dome
contains jungles. Invent a sky under the dome.

Creatures awake, asleep, at play, aglow:
they float - unbottled genii - under the dome.

Southern Belle, a splash of black, dusted with gold,
dissembles, assembling, acts shy under the dome.

Cattleheart, Giant Swallowtail, Clipper:
sail, navigate sky high under the dome.

Like confetti - a wedding - bits of Rice
Paper: sheer mimicry under the dome.

Magnificent Owl, in air, a pansy,
it feeds, wings up, eye to eye, under the dome.

Name them: Monarch, then Queen, last Viceroy.
What will scientists deify under the dome?

Basking against a leaf: a Banded Orange,
displayed like a bowtie under the dome.

A living museum. Exist to be observed:
never migrate, but live, then die, under the dome.

Lips, lashes, eyes. From outside in,
do beings magnify under the dome?

Lepidoptera. From the Greek: Scale-wing.
Chrysalis. Stay, butterfly, under the dome.

by Elise Paschen

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No matter your status or your wealth when we go before our maker we are all equals. Our world could be so much better if we let a little Burns into out lives.
Love the writings of Robert Burns...and have since High school Linda Smith
Beautiful poem with rendition of words to utmost justice.
There is a very important line missing from the last verse as published here. If you look carefully you will see the last verse only has 7 lines instead of 8. The missing line comes after For a' that... and should read It's coming yet, for a' that, . Burns was an international socialist centuries ahead of his time, he fervently believed that all men are born equal, and many Scots share that sentiment with him.
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