(In memory of Quorthon, former frontman of the band Bathory [RIP June 3,2004].)

A man of great, even epic, proportions;
he lived under the Black Mark,
scoured Nordland for blood, fire and death;
he saw first-hand the Destroyer of Worlds.
He spoke to us,
in a language of chords and melody,
of screams and choral harmonies.
But it was his time,
for the All Father chose him,
aged thirty-eight years,
to enter his Golden Hall.
And so forevermore shall he feast and fight
until the Battle comes crashing down.

by Jacob Berg

Comments (19)

No matter your status or your wealth when we go before our maker we are all equals. Our world could be so much better if we let a little Burns into out lives.
Love the writings of Robert Burns...and have since High school Linda Smith
Beautiful poem with rendition of words to utmost justice.
There is a very important line missing from the last verse as published here. If you look carefully you will see the last verse only has 7 lines instead of 8. The missing line comes after For a' that... and should read It's coming yet, for a' that, . Burns was an international socialist centuries ahead of his time, he fervently believed that all men are born equal, and many Scots share that sentiment with him.
Before god all are equal. Great imaginations and counsel in the poem. I likes it.
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