MM (9/9/66 / Cleveland, OH)

A Man's Dream

A house
of stone and glass,
built above the ocean,
reflects the sunlight
from fifty different points,
Its long, sleek lines
speak of power
and wit;
along the
it stands
in majesty.

He has built this house
It is the fulfilment of his dreams –
his dreams within this dream
(in waking he has not yet conceived of this house,
not even of the idea of being an architect) .

He stares,
wide-eyed and unbelieving
at his work,
at his craft.

A woman in a low-cut, black
black lace
her arms,
walks up toward him from the beach,
slowly, with certain
As she approaches,
he can see that
she holds
a scale,
a glass of red wine on one side,
and a dagger
balancing it out.

Her lips are full,
like the

'See? '
she motions to the scale,
'you have a choice! '
Her dark eyes laugh,
her smile crimps
at the corners.

He feels a longing
to reach up,
brush her lips
with the backs of his fingers

And then, a flash of white
falls across his field of vision,
for an instant -
A bird? An illusion?
The sleeve of a white gown?

He looks up at his home.
A smile lights his features,
and he wakes.

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Comments (4)

Dear Marc The first thing that came to my mind after reading this is: Should you be an Author, this poem has all the hallmarks of an imaganitive mind, someone who can really bring a story to life, , , , , Any thoughts on this? Eitherway, , take care Love duncan X
We live to dream and dream to live, but I haven't met that lady of my dreams yet.
You have encapsulated the main elements of everymans dream I think and presented it a dream like constructive manner, Which appeals even to an ardent formalist like me
This is truly the Dream of every, the most creative mind, the most beautiful lady, the best place and the most wonderful moment