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A Man's Last Word

It is indeed a man's duty and job to take care and provide for his family,
It is also his responsibility to protect and defend them in any calamity.

A man will work to provide for his family without the need or want of a handout,
The Bible states man will work by the sweat of his brow, which is without any doubt.

I have provided and have taken care of my family and also my mother and my father,
The way I believe and the way I was raised, I see it as an honor and not as a bother.

Sometimes I question myself in time of work, or in time for me to rest my head,
I have so much work to do before I can sleep, and of course more before I am dead.

A woman says all that she needs to survive is just true love and romance,
But, that doesn't put food on the table or takes care of one's finance.

A man will build or buy his house and a woman will decorate and clean it,
A man will earn wages to buy their groceries and a woman will prepare and cook it.

I work and I slave and I do my best to give my family a better and easier life,
That is the promise man made to GOD, for giving him a family and a wife.

When I've finished my work and obligations at the end of my own lifespan,
"Family", and "work", and "rest" will be the last words from this one man.

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