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A Man's Man
JD ( / Danbury, Connecticut)

A Man's Man

In this life there’s a certain breed of man
Who dictates to all males thru out the land
If you don’t live up to their expectation
You’re not a man in their estimation

A man’s man has to please and appease
These type of men in order to keep their respect

If you can’t chop down a tree with your bare hand
In their eye you are not a man

Now respect is important and crucial for a man to survive
Wtihout the honor of his fellow male peers
He doesn’t feel as though he is alive

A man’s man does not respect women
He could care less if he’s with them
What makes him ironic is, he is married

Most of his time is spent
making excuses because he went
out with the boys ninety percent, of his leisure time

He must please that man to get his promotion
He destroys wife, family, and can’t figure out
Why all the commotion

He blames his marriage, the house, the car
For forcing upon him responsibility
In his heart, he hates her because she did not
Create in him tranquility

A man’s man does not realize the horror of it all
He wants to be his own man
He’s programmed to be a man’s man
He needs to be his own man
The planet on which he lives reflects his inner chaos

I’m looking for the day when men won’t pretend to be
Stonewalls just to please or win the respect of other men

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