I Loved Last Night

Me and you
Together as couples
Playing and laughing
Outside together
Mosquitos attack us
But not our love
Darkness surround us
But our hands find each other
Cold they are
It doesn't matter
They shall warm up as the sun do
One last ride to home
We cuddle as we ride
I grab your hand to lead the way
One last hug
One last kiss
One last say of goodbye
One unforgettable night
Our night...

by Antwan Graham

Comments (6)

This poem is a giant wink.
I really enjoyed this poem because the ending hit me like a brick wall. Talk about unexpected. But I can feel her frustration although clever as she may be to conceal it with humor.
I agree with Giovanna viewpoint, although this poems expresses love beautifully, it is written through the eyes of a man, in 'tongue and cheek' style. The ending being simply a sad joke! lol
Yes, I agree that this poem is very sensual in nature and creates perceptions about love, but Isn't really clear about WHO it's talking about... She was merely expressing herself and her views on love... We all do that every day! However we don't always manage to do it as well as she did... 'I will love you half a year, as a man is able' - So she's talking about how many men are controlled by lust, but this is still a poem about love...
Yes don't you get it? IT'S A JOKE! She is writing this poem as if she is talking throught the mouth of a man. He says, do all these things for me and I will love you forever. The joke is that eternity is half a year for a man because men are fickle. It's not so funny when it has to be explained to you, but there you are.
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