Identity Of The Self

I suffer from the worldliness
I suffer in silence
A loss of identity

I think
You give me
A sense of identity


by Per. Nig.

Comments (7)

I read this poem decades ago as a college kid seeking meaning in life... I kept a copy in my wallet ever since... It has made all the difference in my, my son keeps a copy in his wallet! it's the best teacher of self sufficiency!
Marvelous. Our existence either by chance or with a purpose is just one way pleasure. One could take it as pleasure for creator or pleasure for one self with no right for an answer.
Very well articulated poem. A man's expectations do not stop at any point of time or stage. Thanks.
Does the universe owe us anything? No one stated it more succinctly and eloquently.
One of my favorite verses! Posted for my Great Grand Sons on their wall! Dorothy Alves Holmes A Poet Who Loves To Sing
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