A Man Walks Slowly To His Own Grave

A man walks slowly to his own grave
And whether he stops or runs,
A man walks slowly to his own grave
wherever he is,
whatever he does,
A man walks surely to his own grave.

by Shalom Freedman

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To be living is to be dying. Great poem portraying the inevitable onset of eventual death.
As i walked to school one day i thaught, why dont i make an account o a random website. So here i am at school done with my project writing random comments. 4 more hours until i have baseball practice.
Some see a grave as life's end Following a road with many a bend. The road never easy on which to pass Is littered with debris and other trash. But a grave is nothing but a hole in the ground Which will be filled and soon be as it was found And the body that lies in state Will meet with worms which is Nature's fate. So as a man walks surely to his own grave He must acknowledge the mistakes he's made And try again and again to be set free From the pious feelings of superiority. s
Once you're born you're bound to die. But continue to live in the hearts of people that loved, care and respect us. You cannot avoid it but just think that you are just passing completely to pursue another chapter in another space and time. Have faith. Nice short poem.
a very powerful metaphor... and yet the soul which slips out of one body is awash with newness in its next
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