The Other End Of The Hall

There's this girl in class
She's always happy
Smiles at the stupidest jokes
Because she simply
Loves life
And loves to feel that joy
In the pit of her stomach
She has many friends
And the teachers all like her
And she's so loud
That the other end of the school
Listens to get obnoxious laughter

There's this girl in class
She smiles
But her eyes get this far off look
The sparkle that was once there
Has dimmed
She seems more stressed
Than she was the day before
And the friends she thought
She had
Just talk behind her back
She doesn't know who to trust
The teachers still like her
But are starting to get annoyed
At her
For blurting out in class
She's losing that feeling
Of joy
As life starts to weigh her down

There's this girl in class
She doesn't ever smile
It seems she's forgotten how
Her eyes are downcast
So the world won't see her tears
Life has sucked the joy out of her
And left her stranded
In an unfamiliar place
She's stopped talking to her
Few friends
And the teachers all hate her
People keep asking
If she's okay
Her only reply
Is to nod
And say she's fine

There's this girl in class
Her wrists are strained red
Her eyes are puffy
From the tears she's shed
Last night
And every night before
She doesn't talk
She doesn't laugh
She doesn't smile
And she no longer shines
The way she used to
Her friends are worried
But too focused on their
Own lives to help
They try to
But she pushes them away
So they won't feel her pain to
The teachers stopped
Talking to her
The other end of the school
Is wondering why they can't hear
Her loud laugh anymore
And wondering if they ever will
People have stopped asking
If she's okay
Because whatever she says
They know she's not

There was this girl in class
That used to smile all the time
She loved life
And would laugh just to laugh
But now her friends are crying
Wondering if they could've saved her
And why they didn't help
The teachers stare
At the one empty seat
In the back of the class
Knowing it won't ever be filled again
The hallways are silent
Because her laugh is no
Longer there to fill the emptiness
The other end of the school
And wish they could hear her
Obnoxious laugh
Just one more time
But they can't
Because now
That one girl in class
Is gone.

by Kelsey Martinson

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