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Sometimes, LIFE is like a game of chess
before you make a move, your check mate
as circumstances unable you to contest
trials that came with the change of climate
changing the mode and terms of your quest.

Hence, before we move, we must think best
planning every step to escape from trial's gate
that can forever trap you with sorrow test
but if you have the gut, take a horse leap
to be free from the hole that can make you rest.

if you have the courage, rock like a rock
go straight ahead like a bishop strikes
but be careful along the way, a pawn may suck
sipping all your strength unable you to hike
to meet your queen left with a king's stuck.

But keep on moving with a king's courage
arm with a seal of prayer and faith to proceed
for no matter what tempest may be in your way,
God who heard your moan of faith shall concede
to test you with trials you can never succeed.


Comments (4)

There are those who like the material world and there are those who choose to wander places! ! ! A gem of a work! ! : D
Haunting and spell binding. You never stop once you start. The narration is powerful, puts you in that station, makes it almost relateable that the man could be someone you know or maybe that that man is you! scary thought which speaks to the power of your arrangement. Excellent. TFS 10/10
a nice piece, feel like some good questions raised in this poem, good write
Thanks for your reflective comment, dear poetess. Yes, I think there are those who choose to be homeless. The gypsies in Denmark choose to be gypsies even if there is social service they could have received to settle a life and live in apartments. No, I don't know if there are celebrities who choose to be homeless. One thing I am sure is that, that if they are homeless, they do not go through the experience of the real homeless to go to bed hungry and sleeping without pillow or mat but only card boxes, or to wake up, finding that sky has bathed them with rain.