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A Man Without Faith
(10 June 1978 / Cheshire, England)

A Man Without Faith

Poem By Matthew Holloway

Should I ask for forgiveness
When the weight of the world
Or the misfortunes I encounter
The heartbreaks and the health matters
The daily stress of work and home
When they all combine together
In some overwhelming thought process
Should I ask for forgiveness
If so then to whom do I turn to
I turned my back on religion
As it offered no warmth, no love to me
I felt no solace in it's words
I felt empty in stories of deity's
God by whatever name you wish to name
Has never spoken or revealed to me
Of some great master plan
Where do I go from here, third stanza
Still writing, awaiting answer
Who if anyone, anything, anyplace
Should I ask for forgiveness
To ease my worries my burden
When I am just a man, without faith

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