Brightened Sky

Beneath that darkened sky,
There is a path.
The path is rocky, yet smooth.
Damp, yet dry.
This path remembers,
It remembers our failures,
And our successes.
This path shows us mercy.
When our legs are weakened,
A meadow is cleared for us to lay.
This path keeps us safe,
From all things that wish to prey.
On each passing tree, there is a scripture.
The scripture that nourishes our bodies.
This is his word that gives us the strength,
To move forward.
We will all move forward,
To that brightened sky.

by Brittany Fegley

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Comments (2)

I'm not clear whether the 'drooping of the eye'and the 'mantling of the blood' refers to the hare or the girl. It surely makes more sense if it refers to the latter, who again leaves him emotionally high and dry.What do others think?
I thought the poems 1-4 were as enjoyable as anything that I´ve read by WB Yeats. It´s hard to say if I like his poetic use of words or his imagery better.Wish I´d discovered his work earlier.